Firestone Defies Government’s Mandate to Reinstate Two Dismissed Labour Union Leaders


Despite a clear mandate from the government of Liberia through the Labour Ministry to reinstate recently dismissed labor union workers of the Agriculture Agro and Industrial Workers Union of Liberia ( AAIWUL) by the Firestone Rubber Plantation Company it appears like such calls have fallen on death ears as up till press time said decision has not been implemented by the management of Firestone.

Abel F. Ngigic and Edwin Fallah who were elected as chairperson and grievance officer respectively of the (AAIWUL) got fired by firestone for filling to go to work for ten days and without excuse.
However according to the collective bargaining agreement signed by both the management and the workers Union of FAWUL said decision is a complete violation.
The decision by firestone which has been widely criticized by international and local pressure groupings who are advocating for justice and fairness in work places to include: The International Labor Rights Forum, The American Center for International Solidarity and the Liberia Labour Congress have also challenged national government to pressure the Firestone management to immediately reinstate the dismissed employees.
They claimed that the defiance of the Firestone management is a complete slap in the face to national government’s strength, authority and position as well to provide a decent working and protective environment for its people.
The governmment of late through President George Weah has urged the workforce and Liberians in general to always use dialogue and consultation as a means of addressing their plights and not through strike and go slow action something that the (AAIWUL) is said to be following.

However insiders have told this medium that the decision by the Firestone management is said to be brewing tension amongst the workers as a major strike action is said to be eminent at the plantation.
Wrongful and illegal dismissals of late is of common place in agriculture concession companies operating across the Country.
Though the Labour ministry is said to working on modalities to address the complexities of labour issues in Liberia ranging from illegal dismissals,low salaries,strike and go slow action and bad Labour practices as well as the structuring of a one labor law of Liberia, workers across the Country are still feeling the pinch from their employers.
It can be recall that the ministry of Labour climax a national Labour Conference at which time the government instructed the Firestone management not to proceed with such dismissal action but said call has been down played as the dismissed employees are still up till press time not been reinstated something according to critics show a weakness on the government inability to put her feet down and to as well take drastic action and stand by such action.
Meanwhile the pro poor government since taken over office reinstated two dismissed Health worker leaders of the Country to Include: George Williams and Joseph Tamba,though their reinstatement package and or settlement is yet to be made available despite calls and appeals from locals and international Labour unions and solidarity groups.