Five Counts Withdrawal from June 7 Protest


A youth Group under the Banner, “Patriotic Members of the Democratic Alliance of Liberia” says it is taking a back on the June 7 protest because of five reasons.

The group told reporters that organizers of the most talk about protest do not have good intent for what they claim to pursue for Liberians.

Addressing a News Conference, the group chairman, Ishmael Berry, said their decision is triggered by numerous observations which signal instability for the country.

According to Ishmael, their observations saw among other things five reasons for reconsidering their quest to partake in the protest including: using the platform for political gains, money making, planned objective for the protest, act of violence among the Council of Patriots, unmoral attitude by key players and the intent to undermine the peace and stability of the country.’

These reasons, they believe are Major concerns that have the ability to derail the progress of the country.

Out of innocence, Berry added, has been the reason to their inclusion from the initial stage.

He at the same time called on members of the group from the political sub-division of Liberia to disagree and avoid the march “that has no good intend”.