FLY & UNFPA Ends Policy Dialogue On Reproductive Health In The South East, Calls For Issues Affecting Young People Nationwide To Be Addressed


The umbrella youth group of Liberia, the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has expressed serious concern over the wave of drugs abuse, teenage pregnancy and early marriages across Liberia.

Speaking upon his return from the South Eastern region of Liberia FLY’s Secretary General James Koryor urged national government to see the need to address the worrisome issues of drugs abuse mainly common in the young people who are future leaders of the Country.

According to him the troubling national issue was observed in Grand Gedeh County and is generally associated with violence and needs to be addressed.

In Grand Kru and Rivergee Counties he pointed out that the issue of early marriages, human rights violations and lack of awareness are among key issues in the youth communities that should be address urgently, James noted.

In a move to help address the situation the project code name: empowered and fulfilled is said to be looking at some of the issues with the hope of helping to address them.

The FLY Secretary General said their dialogue with the people relative to issues amongst young people in the South East was very success as some of the critical issues were flagged to the cored.

The project with key components to include: Youth Empowerment, Education and Awareness and Health is expected to be tailored into new programs for effective implementations in the youth community and with support from some of FLYS’s  partners including UNFPA, Medical Team International (MTI) among others.

The policy dialogue among other things recommended Sexuality education in order to help reduce teenage pregnancy and other health complications among adolescence girls and other young people, while under empowerment, the stakeholders want the introduction of life skills and vocational empowerment programs to help sustained such efforts.

Additionally, the participants encouraged rural residents and Liberians in general to institute appropriate programs and strategies to help curtail the issue of early child marriages in the Country but with emphasis in the South East.

The dialogue under the project titled: Empowered and Fulfilled Project was held in Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Rivergee and Maryland Counties and brought together about Eight stakeholders in the region, twenty from each of the four Counties.

Meanwhile Mr. Koryor has condemned in the strongest termed Tuesday’s protest action by government school students.

He said why it is true that the students had a legitimate concern but at the same time noted that the approach used was wrong.

The FLY Secretary General encouraged young people to always use dialogue as a means of addressing issues affecting them.

He however, called on the government to see the need to in a timely manner address the plights of the teachers in order for the students and the young people to return to classes because they are the future leaders of Liberia and education is their backbone.