Following Recent Petroleum Saga, Government to Have Its Own Storage Facility, Discloses Solo Kelgbeh


The Government of Liberia has disclosed that it is working out modalities to ensure that she have a storage facility of its own.

The latest decision according to Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh is in reference to the most recent petroleum saga across the Country which saw the nation and its people at a standstill as rush for petroleum products with huge vehicles, motorbikes and tricycles in queues couple with high transportation fares and strangulation were the order of the day.

Currently the situation has so far been addressed as free movement of people including vehicles and other moving objects and the rapid sale of petroleum products as well as the availability of gas unlike in the past weeks are now visible in Monrovia and parts adjacent.

According to Mr. Kelgbeh about 19,000 metric tons of Gasoline is the Country amounting to about 2m gallons noting that more are expected in the coming months.

He described the recent situation as regrettable and therefore thanked the people of Liberia for their patients during the difficult time.

The Press Secretary stressed that the Liberian leader was very concerned about the situation which was not intentional and also praised his people for their level of maturity exhibited during the period though at some point in time, there were some mixed views over the situation.

Solo confirmed that the Gas was brought in the Country 100% on the expense of the Government through the direct and indirect assistance of other partners.

He also commended  Aminata for making available some of their trucks to ensure the transportation of the products to the Country.

In a bid to also avoid the recurrence of the situation, a special investigation team has been set up to look into the matter and is expected to release a report to President George Weah on Friday, added Mr. Kelgbeh.

In another development, Mr. Kelgbhe has again disclosed the extension of the much publicized County tour of the President to March of 2020.

He stressed that better late than never but he is certain hopefully that the President and his entourage will  begin the process next month in order to ensure that he fulfills such task to the rest of the population in rural Liberia.