Foolish,Sensitional And Purely Propaganda,Ellen Brands Recent Media Report Alleging That @ Age 80 She Does Not Remember


Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sharply reacted to recent media publication claiming that she currently does not remember anything due to her age,terming such report as untrue and lacks the necessary facts.

Madam Sirleaf Monday October 29th, 2018 turned 80 but in her reaction to the publication stated that she is still very strong as her mind she added is functioning well unlike what was reported in the local daily.

She said the report is straightly a propaganda and a Sensitional one as such calls on the people of Liberia not to give it any attention.
The former noble lauraute additionally branded the media publication as foolish something she indicated that she is well acostume to.
In response to a visitation to her home by some investigators regarding the on going 16m saga investigation she noted that”everything I did,say,work including actions I took were all on paper and documented”,she added.

Speaking further madam Sirleaf told reporters that she do not only talk but as well write on all that she say and do.
As a means of further clarity on the matter the former Liberian leader instructed the investigation team to go at the Ministry of State to check the records on what she did when was President of Liberia and if there is a need for further clarification after the process she will be glad to respond to them.
The first female head of state on the continent of Africa pointed out that there are some media houses in Liberia who just Sensationalized on issues as well as report untrue stories something she frowns at greatly.
Her latest response as well as clarification regarding the 80 years media report will now lay to rest the public mixed feelings and opinion on the issue as she maintained that she is very strong, healthy and her mind is functioning well.