The statement by the Chairman of the Secretariat of the National Economic Dialogue Dr. Toga Gaywea McIntosh that the just ended dialogue will not be “A-Talk-Shop” as was done in the past is now becoming a reality.

Well this evident by a communication submitted to the House of Representatives by President George Weah seeking Legislative consideration for Establishment of War and Economic Crime Court in Liberia.

The communication by the Liberian leader came less than a week after President Weah requested the visitation of the President of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to Liberia.

Contained in President Weah’s communication to the Legislature is also the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations.

President Weah in his communication called on Legislators to deliberate on the matter and act in the supreme interest of the government and people of Liberia.

In response the Legislature acknowledge receipt of the President’s communication and resolved to solicit the views of their constituencies during their annual break.

The communication by the Liberian leader came following multiple calls by Liberians home and abroad for the establishment of war and economic crime court in order to hold those who committed crimes against humanity to face justice.

Dr. Weah has repeatedly called on Liberians to unite, reconcile and dialogue for the common good of the Country but his latest communication appears like he is under pressure to take such stance.

Speaking on Sunday at the Georgia Pattern United Methodist Church in Water Side President Weah warned Liberians not to call for things they can’t handle.

However, he noted that said decision finally lies within the preview of the people to decide through a national referendum.

The ball is now in the coat for members of the national legislature to decide on this crucial national issue.

According to the secretariat of the national economic dialogue, the establishment of war and economic crime court in Liberia is the first recommendation as part of short, medium and long term recommendations to the government for implementation.

The reduction in school fees across the Country is also among several recommendations submitted to national government for full implementation.