For The First Time Since 1866, University Of Liberia Breaks Ground For Printing Press Project


State Run University of Liberia is said to be joining best international practices in raising needed funds in sustaining its daily operations and programs respectively.

The University as part of its Centennial activities is undertaking three projects; among many others is the printing press project of the Institution.

The modern printing press project upon full completion will be situated at the UL’s Fendell Campus in District One (1) Montserrado County.

Speaking to our reporter Thursday the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of Liberia Dr. William Allen said the printing press is the future of the UL and an example of what can be achieve through private enterprise.

Dr. Allen emphasized that the project among others will help further supplement what the UL received as subsides from national Government.

He said with corresponding expenditure in the making for the introduction of programs that are underway namely: Public Health and Environment studies respectively, there will be more avenues to be created in order to generate more money for the maintenance of those programs and many others.

The UL Vice President for Academic Affairs who put the project cost at over 700,00United States Dollars noted that the printing press project is a landmark and a historic one for the Institution.

He said the initiative came as a result of a visit to other Universities in the region and noticed some extended independent business activities to include, Hotel project and many more for the raising of more funds for the institution.

Currently he indicated that the University family and alumni Association of the State-Run higher Institution of learning are upbeat about the project.

The professional Liberian historian also used the occasion to call for support from all sectors to the key project of the University.

He encouraged the banking sector and other diplomatic missions to help assist them in their pivotal project for the UL.

Allen pointed out that the UL belongs to the Liberian people as such when it succeeds the Country and its people will succeed in general.

According to him the fund drive process is open to all as the UL has opened two accounts at Eco- Bank to include:(LD:610-165-2162 and USD: 610-166-9741) “Help us to procure our printing press project”, he added.

Dr. Allen said the printing press is the first of many projects in the making to help in the expanded private enterprise exercise of the UL.

He told our reporter Thursday that plans are also in the making for additional projects namely: Water Plant and Bakery and many others.

Also speaking to our reporter Thursday was the Vice President for UL relations Atty. Norris Tweah who noted that he is confidence of the success of the project.

He added that he will be proud in the future to see a book or other materials from the UL printing Press labelled University Of Liberia Printing Press, Fendell Campus, Republic of Liberia.

According to him, the printing press project upon completion will contribute to the enrichment of knowledge for the future generation to come.

Unlike in the past Atty. Tweah noted that the University of Liberia has been transformed with new programs, uninterrupted and effective graduation ceremonies as well as modern registration process.

On the issue of the just released UL and placement exams result, Mr. Tweah added that the performance of the students was impressive unlike in the past.

The two UL officials stated further that there is an increment in number of performances of the students noting that the results represent an independent and impartial report from the candidates something they noted they are proud of.

Upon full completion, the printing press project will be the first since the UL put out its first Graduate James Henry Elvis in 1866.