Freedom FM gets in heat with ANC National Cyber Defence


The Alternative National Congress (ANC) National Cyber Defence says it “slams and disparages in the strongest terms the frequent slanders, hateful proclamations, misguided statements and threats against CPP’s Leaders by Radio Kigali reincarnate Freedom FM, a propaganda station that is of a disgrace to the sacred field of journalism.”

The ANC National Cyber Defense in a statement called on the Ministry of Justice to immediately shutdown Freedom FM in order to protect cultural norms and safeguard the peace of the country.

According to the National Cyber Defence, they do not and will never tolerate anything labeling statement from what they called “idiots and buffoons” serving an “untamed Propaganda Dogs” at the Media house.

The pro political group told reporters that the institution objective is to have the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Leaders obliterated.

“We will attack your slave masters and defend to the death the clean reputation of our political leader”, the group added.

Making the statement, the ANC National Cyber Defense Chairman Peter Sanders noted that the organization will reciprocate “fire to fire and blows to blows to any individual or institution that will dare punch ” us by circumventing machinations to demean CPP Leaders.

Peter Sanders at the same time extended appreciation to Partisans of CPP for commitment and assured that they have nothing to fear as NCD is prepare for the toughest battles .

Meanwhile, the group took on a move by providing food for some disadvantaged youth in Monrovia.

The gesture according to them came as the result of hard earnings from members, contributors, friends and senior affiliates.

NCD head, Peter Sanders added that “following the benevolent path of our political Leader by method of self reliance and knowing fully well that the humble CPP can’t do all” it was prudent that the Cyber Defense take on the initiative.

With this, the ANC auxiliary group noted that young Liberians who are disadvantage will feel the impacts of “people who mean well for the nation” unlike the ruling establishment.