UNDP, Others Donate Uniforms to LNP


The United Nations Development Program in partnership with Sweden Embassy and Ireland has donated 153 uniforms including shoes to the Liberia National Police.

Making remarks during the donation ceremony at the LNP headquarters, United Nations Development Programme Deputy Resident Representative for Operations, Mr. Mulugeta Abebe said, UNDP’s rule of law programme provides cutting edge section- wide support to the justice and security sector of Liberia.
According to Mr. Abebe, the sector wide approach is critical to ensure a conprehensive response across the crominal justice chain which seeks to strenghten every institution in the system, since any weakness in the chain compromises the entire justice sector.
Mr. Abebe disclosed that the programme supports at least nine national institutions at national and country level, including the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice and the Liberia National Police.
The UNDP Deputy resident representative for operations added that the ROL programme is aligned to the aspirations of the Liberia people as articulated in the Pro-poor Agenda for prosperity and Development pillar three of the PAPD, which relates to sustaining the peace, rule of Justice, security and human rights is relevant for their purposes.
UNDP deputy resident representative for operations narrated that without sustained support to the justice and security sector, they will be missing the mark in attaining the SDGs and they cannot afford to do so.
He further stated that particular mention must be made to Goal number five which relates to achieving gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls; and goal sixteen on promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all level.
Mr. Abebe therefore admonished the LNP that those uniforms will strenghten the operational, visibility, and presence of the LNP and enhance public confidence in the ability of the institution to protect the lives and property of the people of Liberia.
For his part, Henrik Gustafsson who represented the Sweden Embassy, said as a supporting partner to the UNDP/OHCHR rule of law programme for justice and security for the Liberian people, he believes, uniform is more than attires, it is stmbol adding that when a police officer puts on the uniform, he or she is no longer just a citizen of the nation but part of a larger entity set to uphold the nations laws and protect its citizens and he or she no longer serves him or herself but every Liberian.
Mr. Gustafsson expressed that a police uniform is important for the police force for two major purposes.
Firstly, it shows the citizens that this person is a protector of the people’s rights, it should signal hope, trust, and support to the people that need it. And secondly, it signals unity for the police and to be a police officer is to uphold the law and order is a tough job, a duty.
Meanwhile, the inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Col. Patrick T. Sudue, expressed his gratitude to the UNDP and partners for their endless support to the LNP.
The LNP boss disclosed that UNDP has assisted the LNP in several capacities and also has renovated several police stations especially in Zorzor and Kolahun, Lofa County.
IG Sudue added that during the period under review, being instrumental, he Sudue was able to lobby with partners to get 3,200 uniforms and 3,000 rain coats.
LNP boss said by right each officer should be entitle to six or seven suits of uniforms but due to the economic constraint, it is impossible.