Ganta Fire Outbreak: Citizens Call On Gov’t For Robust, Well Equipped Fire Service Team In Nimba


Amid the recent disastrous fire outbreak in Ganta, citizens are demanding government to put in place a robust and well-equipped fire service team in the county.

After the Monday, May 17 fire incidence that left about seven stores attached to a two-storey building on the Ganta main Street burned, some prominent citizens in the commercial hub have frowned on the government for the lack of proper and equipped fire fighters in the bustling City.

They took to their respective verified Facebook accounts to expressed their grieves and disappointments in the government of the Republic of Liberia.

The angry citizens who are all residents of the commercial City, blamed the latest disaster on the government for not having a rigorous fire service team in such a big city like Ganta.

“As big and economically viable Ganta is immensely contributing to the domestic revenue envelope of the national gov’t, yet there is NO FIRE SERVICE TRUCK that would quickly intervene in such situation” they added.

It hurts and very devastating to see serious minded business people hard earned resources/labour to be swept right before their own eyes by fire that could’ve been curtailed had we have a robust fire service agency.

‘We as a country can’t keep living like this! We have Centralized and Monrovialized [everything is in Monrovia], everything in this country to the extent that common fire service truck and all has refused to come to rural communities like Ganta.” Chester Dolo, an eminent youth wrote on his verified Facebook page on Monday.

Miss Abigal Laikarnu Freeman, a youth and gender activist, and a would-be contestant of the pending District # 1 By-election also wrote on her official Facebook page.

“Ganta has no presence of the Liberia fire service and there’s no equipment! Imagine a City with over 38 communities and over 400, 000 population; There’s a need for fire service office in Ganta to get a set of equipment to help our people during emergencies of all kinds. I’m calling on all well-meaning Nimbaians, our senators, Hon. Prince Yormie Johnson and Jeremiah Koung and all stakeholders to join this cause.” She opened up.

“In view of the above [fire disaster]; we want to call on the attention of the national government headed by H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah to come in said situation” she continued.

We also want to recommend to the government that the disaster management team see reasons for equipped Liberia fire service team to be sent to Ganta.” Success Prince Sonkarlay, an executive of a newly formulated advocacy group calling itself Nimba Unity Congress (NUC) posted on his social media page.

In recent years, citizens have witnessed numerous fire disaster taking place in the City of Ganta, including an incidence that led to the burning down of the resident of Mr. Paul Zourpeawon, a renowned businessman in the City. The disaster took place in the Catholic Community, in 2018.

It can be recalled in 2019, a house gutted fire and burnt down to ashes in the Congo Community leaving a 3-year-old child dead. Last year, another house got burned around the Gbloryee Community area, with another in Small Ganta Community.

And now the recent May 17 incidence, the heaviest fire disaster in the City’s 43 years history as a municipality.

Of all those fire outbreak, there has been no fire fighter present due to the lack of manpower and real equipment especially the fire service truck.

On Monday, business people who building and goods got damaged had to hired a car washing machine to help them quenched the fire. This, the citizens feel is disheartening and heartbroken.

Therefore, they believe there is a need for a fire service truck to be brought to the City in order help in such cases to calm things down.