Ganta: Marketers Alarms Over Garbage Pollution


Huge quantity of garbage has taken over the Ganta Market in Nimba county, causing pollution in the area.

The situation poses serious risk to people’s health trading at the market.

Our reporter observed that the situation is uncontrollably due to the failure of authorities in the market to keep the place clean and people refusal to properly dispose their waste.

What becomes more devastating about the situation according to our reporter  is that the garbage is in front of the market office.

“We’ve been crying for more than one month now but those people don’t even care about our health only their money.

They can’t miss day in collecting tickets but this dirt business we’ve said  it over and over still it’s packing here.” A market woman only identified as Ma Mamie explained.

“For me, I don’t even want to talk because we’ve talked… talked and we tired still this dirt is still here. Our children keep getting sick because they’re always here with us.” Another marketer who appreciated remaining unnamed expressed her huge frustration.

Marketers further disclosed that they usually paid 20 LD for ticket on a daily basis and the cash is intended to paid for the maintenance of the market but they appeared to be perplexed over the present situation as according to them, they have been committed to paying their ticket fees daily.

However, when contacted to addressed themselves to the marketers concern, the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) Ganta Charpter said, the vehicle that is usually used for the collection of garbage has been down something that has caused delay in keeping the market tidy as it should be.

“Our vehicle is down and the problem is so huge and therefore, required more money which we don’t have now.”
An agent of the Ganta Marketing Association who opted to be hidden asserted.

” In fact, we don’t even have car to uses again my brother,” he continued.