Ganta: Mayor Suah Apologizes To Citizens Over Decision to Relinquish Post, Says It Was Due To Family Pressure


GANTA, NIMBA COUNTY__ Barely twenty four hours after announcing his resignation as mayor of Ganta, Hon. Amos Nya Glehbogeay Suah has bounced back, saying he regrets his previous statement.

He said: ” I have come to appeal to the general public for my action yesterday”.

The controversial law Mayor told a local radio station (Voice of Gompa) early Sunday morning, 27 June that his earlier decision to resign his post as mayor was triggered by serious domestic pressure being mounted on him by his wife.

“The place where I think I should rest after work is my house, but I have series of problem with my wife.” Mayor Suah cried out.

The mayor was however, scanty in outlining the actual domestic problems he’s going through, but sources closed to his range has revealed that he has so many concubines since taking over as mayor in 2018.

There is also an allegation that the mayor and some members of the city corporation are having rough relationship over the way he runs the affairs of the city.

According to sources within the city corporation who spoke on condition of anonymity, Mayor Suah along with his administrative assistant, Mr. Africanus Dolo have been singlehandedly running the city.

The sources further explained that the mayor has been involved into selling public lands for his personal gains for which there is a pending investigation by the county inspector, Hon. B. Mack Gbliwon.

It is apparently due to these that he is experiencing the mental tension for which he said pushed him to have announced his unofficial resignation.

According to him, for the past three years living as mayor, he has never had a peace of mind as pressure has always been the order of the day from his wife, Madam Marie Suah.

He disclosed that on several occasions he has been attacked by the woman (his wife) at his office even when he is having a meeting; adding that only with the help of the Liberia National Police assigned in Ganta he has been able to survive the pressure.

He continued: “she goes to my office and even if I’m having a meeting, she will disrupt the whole meeting; the chairman of the city council is my witness and even all of the magistrates are my witnesses.”

According to him, his wife has consistently accused him of womanizing since he became head of the city thereby creating for him serious embarrassment that caused him to almost commit suicide last Friday.

“Friday night was the day I set to commit suicide” he added.

Notwithstanding, Mayor Suah says he regrets his previous statement and has asked the public for forgiveness while calling on them to work together for the overall good of the second busiest city in Liberia next to Paynesville.

He noted that it is not possible for him to resign at this time when the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the country and there is a need for concerted efforts to combat the virus.

“Even if I will resign, it is not this time of COVID, where the COVID is killing our people but it is a time for us to join hands together to combat the virus, but not to resign.

Hon. Suah informed the public that he still remains mayor of Ganta City and he is currently more focused on finding ways to keep the city safe from the novel coronavirus disease.

He stated: “our meeting with all of the administrators of hospitals and clinic as planned for Monday stands, we are meeting to discuss how we can combat the COVID.”

Mayor Suah used the medium to also appreciate the Dingoes of Ganta whom he said in his absence took on an initiative to clean the city.

He was appointed in 2018 by president Weah, bringing to four the number of mayors who have served the commercial city following the 2003 Civil crisis in Liberia.