Ganta: Residents Express Fear Over Increase in Criminal Activities


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah

Ganta, Nimba County__ Residents of the trade City of Ganta have expressed fear over the increasing wave of criminal activities in the City.

Of recent, there has been an alarming wave in criminal attacks, especially armed robbery. The latest incident occurred during the late evening hours of Friday, November 13, in Ganta at a place that is a few miles away from the Ganta Police Station.

It is reported that some unidentified armed men attacked a money exchanger in the area. Walker Kpeah, 25, was hijacked by three bandits around 7:15 pm.

The armed robbers are said to have fired a single shot in the air to scare away residents before they made away with L$150,000 along with a huge roll of scratch cards from businessman Kpeah.

Police in Gantahave confirmed the information and said they are exerting efforts to arrest the robbers.

The Chief of Operation of police in Ganta Officer Mandein Larmie has urged inhabitants of Ganta to remain calm as the police are doing everything possible to track down the robbers.

Ganta is a city of bustling business activities, as business owners and residents usually stay out during late hours, but the increased wave of robbery has instilled more fear in residents of the city.

It may be recalled, on August 7, 2020, Roosevelt Berry, another businessman in Ganta was also attacked by a group of criminals believed to have been armed with single barrel guns, knives, and other harmful materials.

A week following that incident, police nabbed over twenty alleged criminals on August 14 and forwarded them to court.