Ganta: Strange Fire Outbreak Destroys Several Stores


It has been a sad day for business people in the trade City of Ganta as a disastrously strange fire outbreak burnt down over seven stores in the City.

The incidence according to eyewitnesses started around 12:35 Am, on Monday, May 17 leaving eight stores packed with valuable goods completely damaged.

The Fefe Business Center, Master Trading Incorporated, The Agriculture Supply Store, God Bless Barry Barbing Saloon are cardinal amongst the eight stores that gutted fire during the Monday fire incidence.

It is believed that the fire started from the Fefe Business Center before extending to the other business centers that got affected and destroyed.

The Fefe Business Center, a dealer in rubber dishes, is owned by Madam Felecia Yormie an executive of the former ruling Unit Party (UP), it was the main business center affected.

Though the actual cause of the fire irruption is yet to be determined, but a lot of people perceived that the incidence was as a result of electrical fault considering the recent fluctuations and constant power outage in the area.

“We can’t tell what caused this fire because if it was electrical fault I think the entire surrounding here was going to be destroyed”.

“I got here around 1am when the fire was ravaging but the current was still on, so I don’t think it was the current the caused the fire though we’ve been experiencing power outage these few days that even if we coming out we’ll have to put the breakers down in our houses.”
Saye Mehn, one of the business affected explained.

The two storeys building house that gutted fire is situated down town, opposite the Guinea road junction in central Ganta. The building houses 12 large stores.

Apart from the burning of goods, there was no life loss, neither was there anyone injured.

Ganta is as bustling business environment but the City do not have an active fire service department.

“I think if there had been an active fire service department here, the fire would’ve been contained and taken of, but it’s sad that we don’t have one in this kind of busy and growing City like Ganta.” An onlooker lamented.

Ganta or Gompa was legislated as City in 1978, since then, the City has grown into one of the busiest and fastest growing in rural Liberia in terms of business and infrastructures.

The City is some 201 km away from the capital, Monrovia. It is the most populous City in Nimba County.

In the City’s 43 years of existence, this is the first ever huge fire disaster to leave over about eight stores damaged.