Gbarpolu Election: Female Candidate Botoe Kanneh Becomes Presumptive Winner


By Ayeason Yeeba

Independent female Candidate Botoe Kanneh is the presumptive winner of the Gbarpolu midterm senatorial election, based on results from Thursday, January 7, re-run election in Gbarma district, Gbarpolu county.

Before Thursday’s re-run election, the National Elections Commission (NEC) preliminary results indicated that Madam Kanneh obtained 4,722 votes while her major contender Alfred Koiwood of CDC obtained 4,273 with a margin of 449 votes.

Thursday’s re-run election took place in four polling places in Nomodatonau Town, a town bordering Sierra Leone west of Liberia.

Madam Kanneh obtained 188 votes while Alfred Koiwood obtained 217 votes.

With these results, Madam Kanneh has now obtained 4,910 votes while Rep. Alfred Koiwood has obtained 4,490 with a Margin of 420 votes in favor of Madam Kanneh.

The re-run was scheduled following the disruption of the election process through violent clashes on December 8, 2020.