Gbliwon Wants Polls Workers Avoid Double Game On Election Day


With few hours before the much annticipated crucial December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election, upholding the peace of Liberia during and after the election day remains the chief concern of citizens across the country.

Against this backdrop, the head of security in Nimba County, Mr. B. Mack Gbliwon is warning those assigned by the National Election Commission (NEC) to serve as poll watchers to stay away from any clandestine act of fraud during this critical midterm poll.

The County Inspector believes that the NEC is a credible institution therefore,  its workers should be people with integrity and love for their county and country on the larger scale.

“We expect poll workers to be people who have integrity because the work they do for NEC is a work of integrity.” He said.

During the 2017 General Elections there was a reported fraudulent acts from poll watchers in the Dulay area in electoral District 3 Nimba County, as well as District 4 and 8.

In Dulay, polling was halted for some times when other political party observes raised a concern of fraud and irregularities on the part of the poll workers assigned in the area.

The situation nearly went out of hand but thanks to security interventions and resilience from voters at the time.

In District 8, there was recount because one of the contenders felt dissatisfied with the previous result, and when challeged, he was eventually declared winner by the NEC.

On this note, Hon. Gbliwon who steers the affairs of security across the county wants poll watchers to maintain their integrity in order to make tomorrow’s election day a successful and peaceful one.

He is confident that if that is done, the process will be free, fair, transparent  and will reduced tension or threat of eventual violence.

“At the end of the day, we know that all the poll workers can cast their votes and they get special interest that they’ll vote for, but let the people’s will be done.” Gbliwon warned.

The County Inspector also wants poll watchers to avoid taking money from politicians with the agreement of helping them win at a particular polling center, this he said brings confusion and further end up into violence.

“Some [poll workers] even accept money from politicians in order to cast ballots for them. What they do, because they’ve gotten money from somebody and they want to work for that, they’ll want to cause confusion at the polling place so that they can carry on their plan.” Mr. Gbliwon asserted.

Commenting on the issue of security, Inspector Gbliwon said, the best security is for every citizen to remain calm and peaceful as possible.

According to him, there are not many manpower to man-mark citizens individually, therefore, he is calling on everyone to avoid arguing or campagning on pollig grounds. “We all will vote and everyone has his/her own choice to make…let’s go and vote and as you vote, you’ve to go back home to avoid conflict.” He lamented.

“We don’t want confusion in Nimba for someone else’s power. We want for someone who’ll take the leadership to get there with clean hands, then you’ll celebrate your victory in a grand style.” He concluded.

Hon. Gbliwon made these assertions when he phoned in on a local radio talkshow in Ganta early Monday morning.