“Getting Along Gradually”, Politics/ Reality?


Liberia’s political chemistry is gradually getting complex to dilute especially ahead of the 2020 mid-term Senatorial election as divergence of views and shifting of political opinions are now the order of the Day.

On one occasion, it appears to be politically falling apart as if the builder is losing grip on his original plan while on the other, it is like the concrete is so rich as cementation is an inch to set the building back on its standard footing.

Not until February 20,2020 on Thursday when political pundits used their concrete and converse political lenses ahead of the mid-term Senatorial election to witness yet another political drama between the ruling establishment leader George Weah and his assistance Jewel Howard Taylor performed in front of a historic public gathering in Unification Town in Margibi County.

Strategically posted to receive the arrival of the President of Liberia Dr. George Weah and his entourage as per protocol, VP Howard Taylor due to huge political mix views in the corridors surprisingly to others was seen leading the fray of hands of applause first time in recent public gathering after she in late 2019 disclosed that her office was not supported by the Finance Ministry yield the office of her boss and the Government in general.

VP Taylor however, stood tall among other senior government officials to greet the President of Liberia but hers unlike in the past was very special as a deep hug and her smile between she and Dr. Weah did not go unnoticed.

As the program moves on, the normal chip chart official discussions between President Weah and VP Howrd Taylor was increasing as professional cameras were quick to get them on the records.

The two senior leaders of Liberia discussions later got interesting as from a long range pictorial view it, appears as if the two government officials were a couple celebrating as well as renewing their tenth marital vow as the photo was just evident of their posture.

From all observant angles the two officials’ close movement were embraced covertly and openly by others unlike in the past as it appears like the inner political dust is gradually been settle as their demonstration on Thursday at the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the RIA to ELWA road project was just another political milestone that is still yet to be officially concluded owing to the recent mix political feelings as pundits from now on will be eagerly observing to see the repeat of said interesting interactions from the two top officials of government.

The public scene on Thursday between President Weah and VP Howard Taylor was just one side of the coin as more open discussions to lay to rest the speculations whether they two will be seen on the coalition ticket for the 2023 general elections is still far from been reached.





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