Go-slow: Health Workers Neglect Several Critical Patients at Buchanana Gov’t Hospital


By: King Brown (Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

Patients at the Liberian government run facilities are now feeling the pinch due to fuss between the Liberian Government and health workers over salaries arears.

As a result, most of those undergoing critical care at the facilities are left with their family members to get treatment and also at the mercy of God.

As the result of health workers’ go slow actions in Liberia, patients in Grand Bassa County, who are admitted at the Liberia Government hospital in Buchanan are calling on the government of Liberia to promptly adhere to the Memorandum of Understanding, so that health workers can return to work.

The Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan is providing services to Rivercess, Lower Margibi, Sinoe and Grand Bassa Counties.

According to patients at the facilities, they have spent about three nights at the hospital and whenever they are crying for help no doctors or nurses can show up or come to their aid,

They termed the situation as worrisome and said if government does not intervene now to address the workers’ plights, they predict a darker picture of their health situation or death.

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A kid abandoned by health workers

One of the patients identified as Comfort mentioned. “My whole body is hurting, and I am serious sick no doctor here to cater to me, it is only my people here with me at the hospital no medicine and care for us.”

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Ms. Comfort

As for Beatrice who is nine months pregnant and sick seriously spoke about abandonment by the medical staffs at the hospital despite her condition.

“I am not well and all the nurses and doctors abandoned us, no one is talking to us. Some of us were forced to craw from the sick bed to come out for help.” She said and appeal to the government to settle the health workers benefits because they are dying slowly.”

Our reporter said on Thursday morning several families members and friends rushed at the only government referral hospital in Buchanan to take their family members seeking treatment to other private clinics or health centers after nurses and doctors left the patients unattended.
Sadly, others who do not have money to take their patients to other health facilities in the county, cried on government to quickly address the plights of those health workers to save lives without delay.

According to them, for the past three days not even a single health care worker slept at the referral hospital, adding they have been totally abandoned by doctors and nurses only because government has refused to attend to their plights.

The patient added. “The doors of doctors and nurses offices are all closed and there is no way to even get help from anybody if needed to the extent were we are even sleeping here in the compound of the hospital without a health practitioner, it so bad for us my people we need help”.

However, families members of those who were abandoned at the health facilities termed the situation as worrisome and fearful. They also threatened to boycott the December senatorial election, if anything evil happens to their relatives.

“The possibility of our people losing their lives is what we are talking about here and not election. Government has more money to spend on politics but not health, we will not vote in this country if anything happens to our sick people. We will even blame the government for such a wicked act for not addressing the health workers plights quickly.”

For his part, the Medical Director of the Liberian government hospital in Bassa Dr. Abraham Jawara said, due to the way in which he saw patients crying and calling for help, he felt in sympathy with them because they would die for nothing.

The medical director mentioned. “Because of the tears from some of those patients with critical conditions on bed prompted me and one of my colleagues to stay back to continue with the work.”

Dr. Jawara mentioned. “Patients are at risk and even exposed to danger, to leave patients unattended to die as a result because government did not address your plights, is not the right solution to our problems my follow colleagues.”

The medical director maintained that despite the health workers actions is in the right directions but he does not support their actions because they were thought to save lives, no matter the situation.

However, the President of the Health Workers Union in Grand Bassa County Mr. Leerod Gorwor, has again threatened drastic actions against any health care worker who will be caught at any health facilities providing their services.

He said their actions to abandoned patients and health centers will continue until government can fully address their plights before they can return to work.

According to Mr. Gorwor, the government has refused to grant health workers the certificate of recognition, inclusion of health workers all decisions that affect health system, salaries increment, the refusal of the government to pay hazard benefit to all healthcare workers and among others.

However, based upon the shutdown of the hospital and other healthcare centers by health workers, several citizens and residents of Grand Bassa County have called on both the local and nation government to quickly intervened and solve the health workers problem.