GoL Releases New COVID-19 Testing Protocols for Travelers


The Government of Liberia has released new Covid-19 testing protocols for travelers intending to depart or arrive in the country, as it steps up efforts to prevent further local transmission of the virus.

As of December 1, 2020 all travelers will be required to pay a fee of US$75.00 as testing fee in order to have their samples taken.
All travelers are to download and complete a Health Screening Arrival Form from the Liberia Travel Application App on either Google Playstore or the Apple Store link to access the form.
The guidelines, published by the Ministry of Health, require all “non-exempt” incoming and outgoing travelers to be tested for the disease. These measures also require the “exempt” travelers to present a negative PCR COVID-19 test result from an accredited lab within 96 hours of testing.
The new drive comes in the wake of the latest uptick of transmission in other countries, otherwise referred to as the “second wave”. The Government of Liberia is taking proactive steps to ensure that the new rate of spread does not affect normal activities as it did during the early stages of the pandemic.
The new travelers’ protocols, released on Monday, November 23, 2020, make it mandatory for all travelers to complete a symptom tracker form, the wearing of mask (including for those in transit and arriving), and the payment of the US$75.00 fee.
The new Travelers protocols also require that the National Public Health Reference Lab tests all non-exempt travelers for COVID-19. Exempt travelers who do not have a valid negative COVID-19 test result will also be tested.
The Ministry of Health says travelers who test PCR positive for COVID-19 will undergo treatment based on Liberia case management guidelines while travelers who test negative are to self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms via the Liberia Travel App for a period of 14 days, beginning the day after their arrival in Liberia.

The government encourages all travelers to fully read the entire guidelines in order to be abreast with these measures as a prerequisite for traveling in and out of the country.