Gospel Amb. Marron Cassell, Several Liberians Celebrates ‘Just Sam’ victory as American Idol 2020

Gospel Amb. Marron Cassell

The famous Liberian Gospel musical star wasted no time to celebrate the gigantic breakthrough of ‘Just Sam’ after she captured the 2020 American Idol award.

Amb. Cassell  was seeing dancing and shouting “See what God can do, he make no body somebody, Jesus…. , a little girl going in the subway to sing for her grand ma to raised offering for them to eat, Oh God! You’re great.”

Marron Cassell , celebrating Just Sam’s victory

Noted for her prophetic utterances, Ambassador Cassell said, it is just the beginning for greater things in the lives of little Samantha Diaz and other Liberians who are dreaming bigger and pushing towards their dreams. “Is not over until God says is over, those who have writing us out, wait and see what the Lord can do. The people who say nothing good will come from Liberia, you come and see oh….. ah ah.. wow.. wow… LIB all the way, oh my God, what!!!!  yes.”  She shouted as she grasped for birth.

Ambassador Marion Cassell is no stranger to the music industry and most importantly she has helped to build up the talents of several prominent stars couple with promoting the image of Liberia international and local through her God gifted singing talent.

The gospel singer voice is so powerful as demonstrated by her capturing the hearts of many Liberians including former President Charles Taylor who often share tears when listening to her prophetic music lyrics like, “Liberia you are lifted,’ I love the Man from Galilee, I will not leave you , The War is over, amongst others  leads chill waves down the hearts of many today.”

Another Liberia base in the USA, Song writers, singers, Thomas Duoe and wife Favour Duoe, got to social media, and was dancing and singing from their living room of their  New Jersey home.

Thomas Duoe and wife Favour Duoe

They repeatedly yelled , “We love you Just Sam….. We Love You Just Sam….”

Mr & Mrs Duoe dancing as they celebrate Just Sam’s victory

As for  Helen Dopoe , she was beautifully clad in her blue dress, model in her living room as her way of celebrating Just Sam’s victory and sang to the music of popular Liberian musical  artist Kanvee  G. Adams, ‘Heart Desire’ which includes lyrics like, “Today oh! God has given me my heart desire, I will lift  his name in praise….”

Helen Dopoe

Some Liberians also wrote some famous Liberian celebration songs and slangs often heard at the end of a victory game in the country . As for Mouch Peagar,  she wrote in the Just Sam American Idol support group page “Gb agba glee, glee, gba, gba,! You able eh? Gna gba glee, glee gba gba . you have made all Liberians around the world proud. Dreams do come true.”

Liberians from all around the world celebrated in joyous mood and did not hide their feelings for a girl at age 21 with deep room to Liberia to captured such prestigious title ‘American Idol 2020’.

A Liberian who served as a prayer warrior, motivator for the Just Sam support group based in Japan , Josephine Wonnoh Alade, was seeing praising God in tears on a live Facebook video “ Thank you God , thank you Jesus, thank you everybody,  American idol we told you… Just Sam, Just Sam, we told you guys that Just Sam will win.. thank you, America.” She said as victory tears keep pouring down her eyes.

Josephine Wonnoh Alade

The celebration came in all faction as for beautiful Love D. Freeman, she was dress in black outfit with orange Scaff around her neck. She took it cool and drank her happiness down to quench her thirst with a  glass of juice in her hand as she toasted to Just Sam’s victory .

All over Facebook, supporters of the rising star ‘Just Sam’ are celebrating, some have even change their profile pictures to the image of the American Idol 2020.

The lead campaigners for the Just Sam American Idol Support Group, Michael Padmore and Glendy Gee Reeves, appearing on KMTV-USA Monday, commended all for their support in making their dreams and that of Just Sam a reality.

Said Michael and Glendy, “We just want to say thanks to all for your support , without your vote this wouldn’t have become a reality.” They noted.

Already, the American Idol Winner 2020 has promised to construct a modern hospital in Liberia to honored a wish from her grandmother  who adopted her at a tender age.