Liberia Records 6 Deaths & 59 COVID-19 Cases


Liberia’s health authorities have confirmed additional one new death and fifty-nine COVID-19 cases as of April 13, 2020.

The latest statistics means that Liberia has now recorded six deaths since the outbreak in March of 2020.

So far recoveries which are very crucial to the fight against the virus as a means of keeping the people hope alive and giving a psychological boost is slow and low in Liberia.

As of April 13, 2020, Liberia has recorded four recoveries and a total of fifty-nine confirmed cases.

Additionally, 49 active cases are now being taken care of according to health officials while 567 contacts up till press time are under follow-up.

Massive testing and awareness about preventing the further spread of the virus is said to be ongoing in Montserrado County by health workers and young volunteers.

Speaking at the regular Press Briefing Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah praised some Liberians who are voluntarily showing up for the ongoing testing exercise and encouraged others to do same.

She at the same time commended Liberians for abiding by the health measures of hand washing and social distancing though she pointed out that others are still not abiding, something she noted needs to be taken seriously.

Dr. Jallah warned people confirmed positive of the test not to run away neither should they be afraid because the sooner the case is diagnose, the better it will be for they and their families, she added.

The Liberian health Minister stressed that it is about time that all Liberians make sacrifice for the common good of the nation and its people.

She made specific emphasis on staying home which she indicated is one of the best ways of not contracting the virus.

“If everyone can remain home after the 14 and 21 days respectively, we are certain that the virus story will be over, she added.

On the other hand, Dr. Jallah cautioned residents of Liberia not to keep sick people in their homes and allow them to die before they call health workers or place them in the streets.

The health practitioner said the virus is troubling for all and it will be even worrisome when people put more dead bodies in the streets in the name of panicking.

Moreover, she urged health workers at various health facilities not to turn away patients because of the current crisis.

At the same time, she encouraged sick people to be patience with health workers at this critical time because there are several screening processes and other measures to be taken into consideration before entry.

As the battle to contain the further spread of the virus in Liberia continues, more efforts are are needed by all as on a daily basis, the number of cases and deaths are increasing.


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  2. We are economically devastated here in Las Vegas. Our business is suffering badly because our focus is on hospitality and tourism, two sectors that were hit the hardest from coronavirus. Let’s all hope that this all gets resolved soon for the sake of our economy!

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