Government Issues Guidelines as Flight Operations Set to Resume Sunday


The government of Liberia has issued several guidelines for travelers as the Robert International Airport (RIA) prepares to resume commercial filight operations on Sunday, June 28.

Mandatory screening, testing, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distancing are some of the points highlighted in guidelines that must be adhered to by all travelers.

Government suspended all commercial flights, with the exception of cargo, chartered and special flights on Monday, March 22, as part of measures to curb the further spread of the virus. It later announced June 21, 2020, as the resumption date for operations at the RIA, but was later extended by one week “in order to ensure the necessary measures are put in place before the resumption of the airport’s operations,” government said in a press statement.

To date, Liberia has now recorded 684 cases including 285 recoveries and 34 deaths.

Health Measures and Protocols

1. All passengers (Arriving and departing) will be required to have their temperature taken
for symptoms of coviD-19 and register via phones numbers/Ussb/Mobile App.
2. All arriving passengers who have been tested at point of departure must present a valid
negative result document on arrival at RIA
3. All arriving passengers who have not been tested at point of departure will be required to
take a rapid test and a PCR Swab at airport.
a. In the event of a positive rapid test result, the passenger will be placed in the holding unit
at the airport pending the final PCR test result
b. Passengers having negative results will be allowed to go home pending final PCR test.
There will be continued symptom monitoring via UssD and Mobile App.
RIA Access Protocol:
1. All passengers are to arrive four hours before checkin time
2. All passengers must wear a Face Mask
3. Only ticketed passengers will be allowed entry into the airport
4. All passengers entering the airport gate will be subject to mandatory screening
5. All passengers will be required to wash their hands.
6. Passengers will be required to stand in marked spaces within the terminal area.


  1. Flight resumption is recovering our recessive economic and awakening, refreshing our already diminishing hopes after a long period of lockdown.

    The issuance helps bring people on decks for detection.

    I hope the described measures are fallowed, not in any way compromised.

    Hence, adherence to the protocols is the only way to combat the virus.

    Time to make a move is the time to be safe.

    Good afternoon!

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