Government Takes Pro Poor Agenda Policy Interpretation to Rural Dwellers.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs, with support from the Carter Center is holding a three-day National Chiefs’ Conference in Ganta City Nimba County.
The conference is amongst others things intended to brief traditional leaders and rural dwellers about Government’s developmental agenda.

Deputy information Minister Eugene Fahngon along with his entourage will meet the conference in its second day, today.

The conference is under the theme: “What is meant by the Pro-Poor Agenda; and What is Expected of the Traditional Chiefs and Elders of Liberia” in the wake of the national policy document.
Scores of Government’s Officials including senior traditional leaders from the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia, members of the National Council of Chiefs, paramount chiefs, Clan chiefs, General town chiefs, Traditional women leaders and members, Tribal Governors Council of Liberia among others are attending the Ganta Conference.

As part of his key roles today,The Deputy Spokesman of the Liberian Government,Mr. Fahngon will explain to traditional leaders and participants about Government’s development plans under the Pro-poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity, as well as how the policy intends to impact rural communities including the expected roles traditional leaders will have to play in such national endeavor.
Since the much publicized Pro Poor policy to the Liberian people there has been mixed views and interpretation about the clear meaning of the policy and how it will or it is impacting the masses.
The CDC led Government through its information dissemination arm have over the period engaged several people in town hall meetings, public forums and programs including the local media on the education and awareness of the pro poor policy though there are still mix views and conception about it.
It is expected that the Ganta conference with the rural people will provide the simplest clarity and information to the masses about the pro poor agenda.
Political pundits argued that the tangible impact of the pro poor agenda on the lives of the ordinary people still remained a mystery as more work they noted needs to be done to help improve the living standard of the people who overwhelmingly elected President George Weah.
On the order hand the pro poor government has boasted that it has done well just over a Short time but acknowledges that more work needs to be done and is urging Liberians to exercise patience.
According to Deputy Minister Eugene Fahngon,the Government is ready and stand committed as part of the pro poor agenda to put the peoples issues on top of government priorities/agenda.