Government To Construct One Thousand Five Hundred Homes Across Liberia, LACE Boss,Pepci Quiwu Yeke Discloses


The Coalition For Democratic Change led government is said to be gradually implementing its pro poor policy for prosperity and development especially with the focus on the ordinary people at its center of developmental agenda.

Well in a move to see the actualization of this,the Executive director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) Pepci Quiwu Yeke has disclosed plans by the government through LACE to construct one thousand five hundred homes across the fifteen political subdivisions of the Country.
According to Mr.Yeke the government has earmarked ten million (10m) United States Dollars to implement the project.

He said currently feasibility study for the project including other technical details are being worked out.

Under the project the LACE Boss told our reporter that each County will benefit one hundred modern homes.

He said the project is at the heart of the president especially his direct focus of seeing the need to help change the living standard of his people.
Quiwu said hopefully on July 26 independence day Liberians will see the physical light of the project mainly with the completion of some of the homes.
Yeke pointed out that major focus of the project will be in rural Liberia especially front view areas in a move to give all front views across the Country a beautiful face lift.
Additionally the president special project in Grand Kru County is said to be in full swing,he noted.
Currently construction work is on going as the people the LACE head indicted are very supportive of the new development in their County.

The two hundred and eight two modern homes in Grand Kru County upon completion in four months time will each contain two bed rooms,bathroom,living room and many others and will eventually put smiles on the faces of the targeted beneficiaries.
He said the project will also give a perfect physical face lift in various Towns,Villages and many others.

The LACE boss said the government is committed to helping to transform the living condition of its people.

He promised and hope that contractors of the projects will meet up with all necessary standards to ensure that the beneficiaries feel the direct impact.
The LACE head also encouraged beneficiaries of the projects especially in rural Liberia to use the vacant land as a result of the new structures to engage into local farming activities as a means of further sustaining themselves.