Bong: Local Hunter Who Got Shot while Helping Gov’t Arrest Murder Suspect Cries for Help


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong Correspondent)

Amos Nusiah, the man who helped the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Police Support Unit (PSU) in 2017 to arrest a murderer, Moses Paulkpah, in Bong County, has launched an appeal to the government of Liberia and humanitarians for support.

Nusiah, a former hunter, in 2017, committed to helping national security search for than suspect Paulkpah, who had murdered his wife and escaped in the bush, threatening to kill anyone who goes after him.

Huneter Nusiah was shot in his left leg during the search for the murder suspect. His leg was later amputated at the Phebe Hospital in Bong County due to the severe damage caused by the bullet.

Suspect Moses Paulkpah is currently behind bars.


Flashback: Some Hunters and the security forces in search of Moses in 2017.

Mr. Nusiah told journalists he has been abandoned by the government since his leg was amputated.

He said life has become difficult as a result of his current condition adding that if his wife doesn’t provide for the home, they cannot have a meal for sometimes three days.

Nusiah said he committed to national security’s request to local farmers to help arrest the murder suspect to end threat over the lives of citizens in Zota District, Bong County, but said it is unfortunate to know that the government has abandoned him.

He narrated that when his leg was amputated, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, sent L$30,000 and a bag of 25kg rice to him but since then, he is yet to get the support of the government.

“Life has gotten very difficult for me, my children are not in school like before and if my wife does not find a piece of cassava we can’t eat.

I decided to help the PSU by then because it was an instruction given by the government to arrest Moses Paulkpah who planned to keep killing our people.

I did not know that risking my life for the sake of the government would have left me in such a mess today.” he said.

He stressed the need for money to enable him to engage in business for survivability and also sponsor his children to school.

“As you can see, I don’t have anything and my Crutches are all damaged so that’s my worry. Where will I get new crutches from? I am only appealing to anyone who will read your newspaper or hear this message to please help me out.”