Grand Bassa: Huge Quantity of Birds Dead in Bolordeblee Town


By: King Brown (Correspondent)

The cause of death for over two hundred seventy birds discovered in a sugar cane farm in Bolordeblee Town,  Grand Bassa County is yet to be discovered but residents expressed fear over the situation.

The remains of the birds have been buried, but eyewitness who took a glimpse of the dead birds said, they saw chain on their feet and marks but could not identify the actual writing.

The County health officer Dr. Sylvester Wheh, dispatched a team of health workers on the scene to ensure that none of the creature were eaten by locals.

The Grand Bassa County health officer said, “I heard the news and just passed there while on my way coming from Monrovia and I have already sent health workers there to put things under control. We also warned them to keep far from those dead bird for their safety.”

Also speaking via mobile phone on behalf of the residents Ezikah Suah and Jehu Kpahyoah said, this is the first incident of dead birds in their area since the town was founded in the 80s.

Messer Suah and Kpahyoah said, that they have asked the chiefs to find out the true meaning of what has happened in the area. “We are living in total fear, this thing is really bothering us to admit because just imaging all of the dead birds’ feet had letters and numbers.

Bolordeblee Town is located around Fortville, district two, Grand Bassa County, and eighty percent of the inhabitants are local farmers.