Grand Bassa: Legislative Caucus Gives Supt. Baikpeh Three Days Ultimatum to Return County’s Equipment


By: King Brown (Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus has given a three-day ultimatum to the County’s superintendent, Janjay Baikpeh to return the county’s equipment that was reportedly rented to a businessman, Varney Karbah in 2018.

The decision of the Caucus was prompted by a motion filed by Representative Vincent Willie that the superintendent should make a comprehensive report on the county equipment that was rented to the vendor.

The pieces of equipment in question include a dump truck and a load bed.

The county administration under the supervision of superintendent Baikpeh is said to have signed an agreement with Mr. Karbah to repair the County’s yellow motor graders.

According to reports, Mr. Karbah has been paying US$2,500 monthly for the past 13 months as it was reportedly agreed upon in the rental contract signed between the county and vendor.

According to Rep. Goshua, the contract between the county and business Mr. Kabah has since expired in May of this year. Rep. Goshua said the three-day ultimatum began effectively as of Monday, August 3.

The chairman stated that communication will be sent to Mr. Karbah through Cllr. Samuel K. Jacob, the county attorney of Bassa for him to adhere to the three-day ultimatum.

“Mr. Superintendent as it relates to the rental of the county equipment as chair of the caucus all we want from you is clarity and to inform the county attorney to proceed with all legal proceedings that will link to the acquisition of the pieces of equipment to be brought back into the county effectively within not less than three days,” Rep. Goshua said.

Rep. Goshua added, “all those within the framework of the contract agreement will be held showily and holy responsible if anything happens to those pieces of equipment.”