Grand Bassa: Police-Media Relations on Safety of Journalists Cemented


By: King Brown (Correspondent) 

Members of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) in Grand Bassa County and the Liberia National Police (LNP) have ended a day interactive forum aimed at building a cordial working relationship amongst both institutions in the County.

According to PUL Grand Bassa County Coordinator, Sampson David, one of the objectives for the forum was to halt the constant brutality melted against media workers by officers of the LNP and other state security apparatus in the county.

Mr. David alleged that since President George Weah declared the state of emergency, there have been about seven media workers from different institutions who have been flogged unmercifully and detained illegally by officers of the LNP in Grand Bassa County.

Meanwhile, our reporter in the county is quoted as saying for years now, there has been a sour working relationship between journalists and state security,  saying, ‘claims and counterclaims has been the hallmark of the day.’

Recently a Police Officer identified as Daniel Saah rendered an apology to journalist Reuben Bier of Radio Gbehzohn after he was severely flogged and illegally detained for one night at the police station.

However, at the end of the one-day forum, the Bassa Journalists Association represented by the PUL Coordinator and the LNP headed by Commander Sackor Freeman, assured each other of a good working relationship.

Commander Sackor Freeman said: “it is good for us to work together as one people because the journalist and police officers almost play similar role, why should we fight amongst ourselves?”

He said the gathering was rewarding as it addressed several issues that often lead to confrontation amongst members of both institutions.

“Thank God we are here today to remedy this problem so that we all can come together as one body and pray that we will not be divided,” Commander Freeman added.

The one-day interactive forum was organized by PUL branch in the county at the Bassa Youth Caucus office on the fairgrounds in Buchanan and brought together members of the LNP and journalists from the five electoral districts of the County.