Grand Bassa: Seven Health Workers Confirmed Positive for COVID-19 at LAC Hospital


By: King Brown (G. Bassa Correspondent)

Buchanan, Grand Bassa – Seven health care workers of the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) hospital in Grand Bassa County have been tested positive for coronavirus, the county health team said on Thursday.

The seven health care workers were confirmed positive on July 21, after their samples were collected and taken to the national reference lab in Monrovia for testing.

According to Gregory Walker, Deputy Incident Command System of Grand Bassa, a female (health worker) from the LAC Hospital was admitted at the hospital on July 7, and was later transferred to the ELWA hospital in Monrovia on July 9, for other health conditions and later tested positive for COVID-19 after multiple of tests were conducted on. He also said it is the first case that produces the other six cases of the virus.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday, July 23, Mr. Walker said upon receiving the information regarding the health worker’s positive result, the Incident Command System immediately launched an investigation at LAC hospital where the patient was previously admitted.

Mr. Walker disclosed that 74 high risks contacts, all health workers, were identified while seven were confirmed positive. He also revealed that forty-four (44) samples were collected on July 21, 2020, of which thirty-two results received, nine samples pending, and seven confirmed positives for COVID-19.

“All of the information provided here are preliminary investigation report because detail will come later, on July 22, twenty-nine (29) samples were collected and all results are pending.

We have a plan on the book to even shut down the hospital and quarantine because we are not going to leave any stone untouched to ensure the safety livelihood of the people in Grand Bassa County.”

Mr. Walker added that the seven persons who were confirmed positive for COVID-19 are currently at the LAC hospital facility in the County.

Meanwhile, the incident command System (ISC) headed by Dr. Anthony M. Turcker said they are trying to put into place all necessary mechanisms as it relates to the treatment and fighting off the deadly virus.

Grand Bassa had gone a month without reporting a confirmed COVID-19, as all previous ten confirmed patients recovered from the virus.