Grand Cape Mount: Four Forwarded to Court for Illegal Possession of Narcotics Valued over L$700K


The Tienii Magisterial Court has charged and forwarded four persons to the Robertsport Central Prison for illegal possession of Narcotics.

The four alleged drug traffickers including two Nigerians a Liberian and a Sierra Leonean were arrested and transferred to Robertsport Central Prison on January 25.

Disclosing on Tuesday to the Commander of the LDEA
in Cape Mount, Agent Thomas Saye said suspect Joe Flomo age 32 and his fiancée Ma-Betty Kamara age 25, both residents of Bo Waterside were arrested on January 18 and 19 respectively.

According to Agent Saye, the two suspects were arrested with a combined total of 28 compressed plates of marijuana with a street value of L$331,968.

He added that the other two suspects Emmanuel Davies, age 37 and John Davies, age 35, both who Nigerian nationals were arrested on January 19, 2021, with 6 tubes of heroin at the street value of L$327,600.

The Grand Cape Mount County LDEA boss indicated that the four suspects were tried at the Tienii Magisterial Court and were formally charged for illegal possession of the narcotic substances and forwarded to Robertsport City.

Agent Saye added that the four suspects remain at the Robertsport Central Prison until their cases can be ready for adjudication at the 5th Judicial Circuit Court in Robertsport City.

Meanwhile, Agent Saya has disclosed that the officers are on high alert.

According to him, officers of the LDEA have increased their patrolling along the border to combat traffickers in the area.

Grand Cape Mount County has had a decrease in cases of drug trafficking since the border has been closed due to the covid 19.