Grand Cape Mount: Residents of Sebemhum Town Elect Female as Town Chief


Residents of Sebemhum Town, Tombey commonwealth District in Grand Cape Mount have elected a female as town Chief.

According to the residents, the election of Chief Satu Kromah is a true meaning of inclusion of women participation in leadership.

Sebemhum is a town with a little over 200 residents.

They referenced the reign of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf which they believe was a relief to Liberia in terms of maintaining relationships with international partners and giving opportunities to Liberian to form part the decision-making process.

” We believed that women are very important to the growth and development of every country, even in the home they have a huge task to do and they are the first teachers in the country,” one of the residents said.

Newly elected Town Chief, Satu Kromah thanked the residents of Sebehmum for the confidence reposed in her and promised to unify and improve the livelihood of residents in the town and called on residents in and out of town to support her leadership for its betterment.