Grand Capemount: 5th Judicial Circuit Court Opens for May Term of Court


The 5th Judicial Circuit Court of Grand Cape Mount County has opened for the May term of court in accordance with court proceedings.

Speaking when he delivered a short exhortation, Rev. Fr. George O.B. Ware of the St. John Episcopal Church in Cape Mount cautioned judges to render fair judgement and not be bias.

Making reference to a passage in the Holy Bible, Rev. Ware narrated how a corrupt judge was interrogated and pressured by a lady who wanted a fair justice.

” The justice system needs to be pure in terms of adjudicating cases that have the propensity to destroy the fabric of the society,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, giving the opening charge, the Resident Judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit Court, Cllr. Ousman F.Feika, appreciated the Chief Justice of Liberia for the confident reposed in him to execute the code of justice in Grand Cape Mount County.

Cllr. Feika also pointed out inadequate salaries, and no security assign to judges as some of the financial and physical threats they face each day why discharging their duty.

“Four days ago my domicile in Robertsport was attacked by arm robberies, taking valuable items, which may cause me time to retrieve.”

He at the same time, call on the Liberia National Police to take a swift action in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

He also recommended, that Jury management be assign in the county to regulate the jury process.

Meanwhile, cases filed in the clerk of the court office for the May term include seven (7) criminal cases ranging from statutory rape, burglaries, unlicensed possession , drugs among others, while nine (9) civil cases, includes, damages for wrong, Ejectment, petition for revocation of extended letters of Administration amongst others are expected to be heard.

Also speaking, the county Attorney of Grand Cape Mount, Atty. Nyonkpoa R.G. Daye said, he regrets the incident that took place at the Judge domicile and pointed out that there are vivid threats to the survivability of those working for the Ministry of Justice assigned in rural Liberia.

According to him, his office is working diligently along with the Liberia National Police to apprehend the perpetrators.

” We have an intelligence that one of the perpetrators is on the run and we can assure your honor that the perpetrator will be apprehended and the law will take it stance.” he noted.

He at the same time, encouraged resident of Grand cape mount county to seek Justice positively then believing that judges at the court are not fair in adjudication of cases , something he debunked stressing that they are obligated to execute fair justice to all.

For his part, a member of the Executive Council of the National Bar Association, Cllr . A. Kunvukai Jaleiba said, it is frustrating to see a judge domicile been attacked by arm robberies.

He at the same time challenged members of the bar association to remain proactive in the confine of executing fair justice to all and recommend that the Ministry of Justice assign city solicitor in the rural part of Liberia .