Gregory Coleman wants new life at Concession Bureau if confirmed.


The Direct General designate at the Bureau of Concession Gregory Coleman has assured Senators of the committee on Concession that he will work to bring new life to the Concession Bureau.

He said though he brought little to the Bureau but he is confident that with collective ideas and commitment he will deliver to expectations.

“My passion, love for Country as well as my desire to positively impact the lifes of people will be among my many focus areas” , he added.

He said he intends to work with things that are available and has no financial attachment after which he will lobby for financial related Concession assistance in line with the government pro-poor agenda.

“I am sure that with the help of some of our partners like UNDP, USAID and others we can together do our best especially with already existing projects ongoing” he noted.

As part of his many plans the former police boss promised to revised the expired five years Concession plans to a more improved and vibrant one that will transform the Concession industry in Liberia.

At the confirmation hearing chaired by Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson bulk of the committee members on Concession praised Mr. Coleman for immensely transforming the Liberia National Police.

They encouraged him to carry similar skills and experience at the Concession Bureau to make it lively and effective unlike in the past.

According to the Senators they are of the conviction that the important but sleeping giant Bureau of Concession which has been dormant for years can now hopefully get back to life under the stewardship of Gregory Coleman if confirmed by the appointing power soon.

When asked if he has any regret leaving the LNP, Gregory responded by saying he has no regrets after achieving what he had achieved thus far noting that he is setting that the new police inspector General Patrick Sudue will continue from where he stopped to help improve the sector for the benefit of the Country and its people.

Several concessions over the period has had numerous challenges in the past government ranging from strike and go slow actions due to countless complaints of bad labor practices, low salaries and ill-treatment of workers at Concession areas and many others something members of the Concession committee warned the Nominee to take keen note of even though they recognized his work done in the past.

If confirmed Gregory Coleman will have a great task to perform especially with some Concession agreements having time line for extension as well as revision while others have thus far expired due to their poor records and performances over period.

However Director General designate of the Bureau of Concession Gregory Coleman promised to put the interest of the people first especially those in the Concession areas as jobs creation for young people including their adequate well-being will be keenly observed by the Lawmakers and Liberians in general.