Group of Grand Gedians Apologize to Opposition Leaders for Recent Attack


By: Mark G. Gray

A group of Grand Gedians under the banner “Dehkontee Artist Theatre, Inc.” has condemned and apologized for the July 30 attack on opposition leader Alexander Cummings and his entourage including Rep. Yekeh kolubah in Zewdru, Grand Gedeh County.

According to the group, the action of some citizens didn’t mean well for the County, terming it as an embarrassment to the county.

The group then presented traditional offerings of Kola-Nut, Pepper, a sheep and powder to Mr. Cummings and Rep. Kolubah as a symbol of genuine peace, hospitality and love.

Mr. Cummings accepted the offering and congratulated the efforts of the Dehkontee Artist Theartre Inc, for reaching out in the spirit of unifying Liberia, stating that he does not attribute what occurred to the people of Grand Gedeh County, but rather violence orchestrated by County’s Superintendent Kai Farley who he believes incited a few innocent young people to perpetrate violence.

Mr. Cummings in furtherance describe the citizens of Grand Gedeh as peace-loving and caring people, he then disclosed that he’s planning another trip along with Hon. Kolubah in that part of the country.