Grow What You Eat, LACRA Deputy Director General Asserts


In the wake of increasing food insecurity across Liberia, the Deputy Director General of the Liberia Agriculture Commodity Regulatory Authority Musa Konneh has called on Liberians to see the agriculture sector as the surest way to lifting Liberia out of extreme poverty.

Displaying some of the needed and necessary products to include Rice, Cassava and many others to see Liberians feeding themselves in the coming years, Mr. Konneh urged Liberians to grow what they eat.

According to him Liberia has a fertile soil and it is about time for farmers to make maximum use of it in order to see Liberia graduate from food insecurity to food security.

Currently the Country is heavily relying on food importation mainly rice to feed its people something the LACRA Deputy Boss noted should be a thing of the past.

He wants Liberians especially farmers to go back to the soil and grow what they eat, and eat what they grow.

In a drive to help revamp the sector, LACRA has put in place some short- and long-term measures to improve the sector for the betterment of the society and its people.

Mr. Konneh has over the period toured rural parts of Liberia mainly Grand Cape Mount, Bong and many others and monitored the County’s Ware Houses with the focus of further improving its capacity.

He wants all Liberians to muster the courage and work collectively with the ruling government in a move to help develop the Country.

Musa re-emphasized the need for Liberians to see the Agriculture sector is the fastest engine to the take Liberia to another level.

He also encouraged all relevant partners to help provide all necessary support to the sector in the best interest of the Country and its people.


Liberia’s Agriculture sector has been challenged over the period with lack of adequate support, capacity building as well as insufficient man power development and many others.

According to researchers in the sector with more support and capacity building for farmers across the Country, life can get better much better.

Currently the government is distributing seed rice to farmers the Country as a means of empowering them as plans the government noted are in the making for Liberian farmers to graduate from the old age traditional subsistence farming to merchandised farming.

Meanwhile the Liberian leader has re-echoed the need to prioritize the sector for the common good of the nation and its people.