Halt Discrimination Against Albinos in Liberia, Albinos Advocate Says

By: Ayeason Yeeba (Intern)
Albinos advocate Dakpannah U-Thant Smith is calling for a halt to all forms of discrimination, marginalization, and rejections of people with albinism in the country.
Speaking on KMTV program ‘THE BASICS,’ Smith alleged that albinos are being treated as different creatures instead of human. Smith wants the government to create special programs for albino and include them in decision making.
“People just don’t believe that person with Albinism can make positive contributions to society,” Smith said.
According to him, children born with albinism are being neglected by many families. Smith who is also a member of the Albino Society of Liberia said each day they undergo rejections and expressed dissatisfaction in George Weah-led government for doing nothing to better the lives of albinos.
He also alleged that many men have children by albinos mothers, but once the child is albinos, they then disowned the child. At the same time, Smith alleged that albinos are being killed for ritualistic purposes in Liberia. He wants the media and security apparatus place a spotlight on what he described as ‘devilish behavior’ against albinos. Dakpannah UThant Smith was honored in California as an ambassador through his advocacy for persons with Albinism in Liberia and the world at large.