Head of the Physically Challenged in Robertsport City Wants Referendum Postponed


The Head of the Robertsport Physically Challenged Association in Grand Cape Mount County Stephen B. Hills said on Wednesday that there is a need to postpone the 2020 Referendum due to what he termed as a lack of adequate awareness.

There have been mixed views concerning the holding of the referendum along with the nation-wide legislative elections on December 8. The government has maintained that a massive awareness has been carried out on the process and wants citizens to vote “Yes” to all of the prepositions.

Opposition political parties later requested for a writ of prohibition and mandated the National Elections Commission to abandon the referendum, a process that they termed as unconstitutional. But the Supreme Court of Liberia in its ruling recommended that the eight propositions under consideration should be printed clearly and on ballots enabling the electorate to vote for or against each separately and independently.

According to Mr. Hills, citizens haven’t been educated in terms of knowing the merit and demerit of the propositions, something he claims, that rural inhabitants are challenged with.

“We don’t know what the “Yes or No” stand for, sometimes we can hear about it on the radio but don’t know what a stand for, and as such we don’t know what we will be voting for,” he said.

He further explained that the National Election commission has failed to educate physically challenged citizens in the County about the electoral process, adding that it may lead to poor attendance during the voting day.

In a related development, Hills cautioned “Cape Mounteans” to vote for the right candidate that will respect the true meaning of representation, lawmaking, and oversight responsibility for the growth and development of Grand Cape Mount County.

He strongly advised residents of the County to put away tribalism, nepotism, and political affiliation so that the county can rise from underdeveloped status.