Hell Breaks Lose At Football Tournament In Nimba; One Dead Several Wounded, Properties Destroyed



Nimba County-

Report from Nimba County says a football game turned bloody, with one person dead and several wounded including the destruction of properties in district number 7.

What was initially intended to showcase an entertaining football tournament among several towns in Fehnplay New Town, district 7 in Nimba County ended into a nightmare.

The football tournament was organized by Fehnplay all star citizens in Fehnplay old town in Gbao clan with the sole intend of raising funds to undertake development projects.

Eyewitness told our Nimba County correspondent who visited the scene, the incident occurred between Gbao-Gwehlay town and Fehnplay old town football teams.

Our Nimba County correspondent said the dispute started when Fehnplay old town scored on Gbao-Gwehlay and the goal was denied which resulted into the riot.

According to him, the riots between Gbao-Gwehlay and Fehnplay old town took place in Fehnplay New town when a 22 year old man along with his friend on their way to Gbao-Gwehlay were allegedly attacked by three men believe to be citizens of Fehnplay new town.

Report says the news provoked citizens of Gbao-Gwehlay town who immediately moved to Fehnplay New town and destroyed seven houses and wounded five people in the town.

He said, police in Bahn city have arrested several persons while many of the citizens from both towns have left the towns in fear.


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