Henry Costa Blast Liberia’s Attorney General Over Arrest, Legal Action Threats Against COP Leadership.


As usual, tough talking Henry P. Costa, spill out his guts on his popular media talk show against Justice Minister, Frank Musah Dean, Jr.  and the Liberian Government headed by George Weah, over threats to scare protesters from assembling for their planned December 30,2019  peaceful protest .

Government through the Justice Minister also threatened individuals comprising the leadership of Council of Patriots (COP), that they will be held personally, individually and collectively culpable and liable, under the law for consequences associated with their action on December 30, 2019 gathering in Liberia.

But Henry Costa sharply rejects the assertion made the Justice Minister and said the constitution of Liberia gives people the right to demand/request their government to step down in a peaceful manner.

“ We the people, when our safety and happiness so require, we can say to the President step down, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long we don’t act in a violent manner, and we didn’t do that June 7, 2019  and we do not intend to be violent December 30, 2019”, he asserted.

In a communication dated December 2, 2019 the Justice Minister reminder the leadership of  COP that article 1 of the 1986 constitution of Liberia provides that “ All power is inherent in the people . All free government are instituted by their authority and for their benefits and they have the right to alter and reform the same when their safety and happiness so require. In order to ensure democratic governance which responds to the wishes of the governed, The people shall have the right as such period and in such manner as provided for under this constitution, to cause their public servants to leave office and to fill vacancies by regular elections and appointments ( emphasis ours)”, He noted.

The Attorney General of Liberia continue that there are no provision for “Weah Step Down” campaign in the constitution and /or statutory las of Liberia  because George Weah was duly elected as President .

Ministering Dean term their gathering as unconstitutional and bespeaks treason an offense against the internal security of the state and quoted article 76 of the constitution .

But Henry Costa argued that their protest will not be violent as was done on June 7, 2019 and as such the communication to the government was not to ask them for permission to gather but to provide security for them, something which Liberians are intitle too.

Demonstrators react as they gather outside the Liberian Mansion in Monrovia on June 7, 2019 during an anti-government march to protest at inflation and corruption. (Photo by CARIELLE DOE / AFP)

On the issue of respecting the rule of Law, the talk- show host blasted Justice Dean Jr. for his continue violation of the laws of Liberia citing recent ruling from the highest decision making body in Liberia the “Supreme Court”.

“Did you listened to the Supreme Court when they ordered you to returned the Passport and humanities of Isaac Jackson to his job as Liberia’s representative to the International Maritime Organization( IMO)”. He questioned.

In a more authoritative voice, Mr. Costa called on his supporters to turn out on December 30, 2019 to peacefully gathered “If you  like it or not the Liberian people will assemble and protest peacefully”.

He alleged that the Justice Minister lacks morals because he has compromised his reputation as evidence by his shady deeds and utterance against peaceful Liberian citizens naming Isaac Jackson, former Associate Justice, Kabineh Ja’neh amongst others.

“You I a pig in the mud drinking dirty water with the other pigs , I never believe you have it in you to stood so low. To be crawling on your knees before these little boys you  out to  teach , you think that if you write this letter it will scare us , we are going to assemble “ Said Mr. Costa in a more vocal tone.

Henry Costa said, the protest is necessary because since the group presented their petition the leader of the country George Weah has not look at their documents or toke steps towards their grievances.

In a more comic statement, Mr. Costa said “even the DEA, Police officers wants the protest as they have not received their salaries over the past months”. Terming the Minister action as nonsense and one only intended to impress the Liberian leader.

“ For you to threatened us, the leadership of the protest with arrest or legal action and think that is going to scare us, the condition (Hardship)in this country makes it very right for people to protest: he lamented.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Government is warning its citizens to remain peaceful and desist from any form of protest in the country .

It can be recalled that President George Weah addressing the UN body in the USA on September 25 , 2019  said there is an emerging threat to the country’s “hard-won peace and stability”,

Said Weah to the UN body“Some individuals, within and outside of our country, particularly those who have lost democratically-held elections, have resorted to incitement, threats of violence, misuse of social media, and hate speech, with the aim and objective of achieving power through undemocratic means”, he detailed, adding “this is unacceptable… we must all learn to respect the mandates of the electorates, even when that mandate is not in our favor”.

Situations in Africa’s oldest republic remains unclear as days to the December 30 protest draws nearer.                                                  -30-


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