Henry Costa Set to Arrive Thursday Ahead Of December 30, Protest, Says: He Is Not Afraid Of Any Threats

Henry Costa , CoP Leader
Henry Costa , CoP Leader

The Chairman of the Council of Patriots Henry Costa has disclosed that all is set and ready to stage the December 30, 2019 protest.

In an interview this KMTV NEWS via skye the political commentator stressed that he will not succumb to any amount of threat as they remain unbinding in their quest to ensure President George Weah steps down.

“If he does not step down the hardship of the Country will increase and the people living condition will worsen”, Costa intoned.

The advocacy he stressed is for the suffering masses who go to bed without a meal a day under a claimed bad government headed by President George Weah.

According to him he does not need a permit from Government to organize a protest though the government has recently instructed that all those seeking to stage a protest must obtain a permit from the Justice Ministry before the execution of said exercise, something Costa noted is not constitutional.

Ahead of his arrival in the Country on Thursday, December 19, 2019, there is a plan arrest for Henry Costa by the Government on multiple crimes he allegedly committed in the Country, something Costa noted he is not afraid of.

Though there are fears of possible and allege chaos among some Liberians during the protest, however, Costa promised and assured the concern Liberians not to panic adding that the protest will be peaceful expect if the government will do the otherwise.

Admits mixed views in the political corridors of the Country ahead of the protest many are of the conviction that the protest unlike the June 7, 2019 will not be peaceful while others think it will be historic and most peaceful one in the interest of the masses.

Up till press time there are conflicting accounts relative to the real intend of the protest as according to Henry Costa the purpose is for President George Weah to step down, this many believe is not realistic while others do support his call, on the other hand, his deputy, Mo-Ali recently on record stated that the focus of the December 30, 2019 protest is for the Government to lift up to COP’s request  as indicated in their June 7, 2019 exercise/protest there-by requesting national Government to effectively implementation them to the core.

Ahead of Costa’s arrival on Thursday scores of Liberians are preparing to receive him at the Airport while there is a plan by National Government to have him arrested due to some alleged crimes committed in Liberia.

As the drama is poised unfold many are skeptical about the safety and security of the nation in general including its citizenry in particular.

Meanwhile with twelve days to the protest it is still unclear if the Council of Patriots in the spirit of reconciliation and peace will be open to a dialogue process with the government as a means of looking into their plights.