‘He’s Just Living by the Grace of God’ Mother of 18-Year-Old Boy with Mouth Tumor Makes SOS Call


By Eric Gerlay (Intern)

As his health worsens daily, parents of an 18-year-old boy identified as Elijah Gargar are pleading with the government of Liberia, humanitarians, philanthropic organizations, and other well-meaning individuals to come to the aid of their son to seek medical treatment for a huge mouth tumor in or out of the country.

Speaking with KMTV on Friday, August 14, the parents of Gargar said they cannot afford the medical bill of their son, and therefore want goodwill individuals to help save their son’s life.

If you can be of help to Gargar, kindly contact these numbers (also mobile money numbers) mobile 0776658447/0886336206/0770429732

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“At first they said it was cancer and later they said it was a tumor. We’ve been going to several hospitals including JFK and ELWA. The doctors said they can’t work on it here and we should take him aboard.

And since that time for about 4 years, we don’t have money. Somedays he bleeds, and every month we have to go to the hospital for blood.

I need help from people. If they can help take him abroad for treatment or help with money for his feeding and buy drugs. He is just living by the grace of God. He struggles to eat and drink. I don’t have money. I don’t even go far away from him because every minute he will fall,” his mother narrated.