Reshuffle in House of Representatives Committee’s Leadership


By: Ayeason Yeeba(Reporter, House of Representatives)

In keeping with the House of Representatives Standing rules, Speaker Bhofal Chambers on Tuesday made additional appointments.

Crayton Duncan and Ivar Jones were appointed to the foreign Affairs committee as chair and co-chair respectively. Kanie Wesso and Beyan Howard were also appointed to the Judiciary committee as chair and co-chair.

Speaker Chambers further named,Thomas Fallah and Matthew Zarzar as chair and co-chair of the Ways, Means and Finance committee.

Gender equity,Child Development and Social Services committee- Rep. Rosana Schaack was named as chair, while co-chair is yet to be named.

Representatives Emerson Kamara and Robert Womba were named as chair and co-chair on Transport.

Joseph Somwarbi and Julie Wiah were placed on the committee on Health as chair and co-chair respectively.

Vincent Willie, II and Alexander Poure as chair and co-chair on the Land,Mines and Energy committee. Hydro- Carbon committee, Abu Kamara and Rustonlyn Dennis as chair and Co-chair.

Committee on Education- Johnson Gwaikolo and George Boley as chair and co-chair respectively.

Banking and Currency- Dixon Seboe and Hanson Kiazolu were named as chair and co-chair respectively.

Prince Tokpah and Francis Young were also named as chair and co-chair on the committee on Agriculture.

Alex Grant and Ellen Attoh Redd as chair and co-chair on State Enterprise.
Rules 7.4 – gives the Speaker the authority, to Appoint the Chairpersons and Co- Chairpersons of Statutory Committees.

Also the Committee on claims and petition is headed by Gunpue Kargon and Ceebee Barshell chair and co-chair respectively. 

Rules 7.8- Further explain that, ” In appointing the Chairpersons, co-chairperson and members of each standing Committee, the speaker shall take into consideration the partisan composition of the House, professional knowledge, expertise or Experiences of the individual appertaining to the functions of the Committee to which he or she is appointed.

Speaker Chambers ended by encouraging his colleagues to serve in the best interest of the House and Country at Large.