Huge Salary Of Lawmakers Uncovers As Senator Dillon Opens Up, Says He does Not Want To Be A Humanitarian On Government Money


Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon Tuesday unveiled Lawmakers monthly salaries in the tune of $USD: 15,325.00 and $LD: 29,700.00 respectively.

According to him the amount is too much for them and there is a need as policy makers to take some decisions intended  to benefit the people who they represent.

In a brief break down Senator Dillon said $10,000USD of that amount goes to special allowance while $3,175.00usd is for transportation reimbursement and $2,150.00usd is for gasoline noting that after tax reduction the total of about $usd 12,000 remained with them.

His disclosure was as a result of a written version of their salary which  was ably presented to him by Bomi County Senator Morris Saytumah.

“I believe that this amount is too much  as such i am embarking on a self protest, “Dillon noted.

He told reporters Tuesday that he does not want to be humanitarian on government money especially when he is a policy maker who should give more to the people and take less, something that is now the opposite.

The Montserrado County Senator added that if they pocket the over 15,000usd which the people believe they normal pocket their money, they will eventually come back to them for it.

Explaining further he stressed that with a total of 103 Lawmakers at the national legislature and if they give back 10,000usd each they will generate including  saving about 1.3m dollars monthly and if said is calculated yearly they will be generating over 20,000m usd.

Said amount he added can be used to address some of the challenges in the health sector to include: the upgrading of the sector, increment in health workers’ salaries and the provision of medical supplies and many others.

Moreover, he indicated that said amount could also be used into the Education sector to ensure that Education facilities are affordable, free as well as making it quality for the students in general.

His latest disclosure is in fulfillment of a promise made to his people during the just ended by-election in which he assured them that he will make public his monthly salary and take only 5,000usd and give the rest back to the seventeen electoral districts of Montserrado County, this was evident today.




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