‘I Fear no Foe’ Siah Tandanpolie Declares Intention to Contest Mont. Senatorial Election


The daughter of fallen Montserrado Representative Moses Saah Tandanpolie has declared her intention to contest the ensuing December 8, 2020, senatorial election in Montserrado County as an independent candidate.

Siah Tandanpolie has contested two Representative elections in Montserrado County District #11 but lost both elections.

Madam Tandanpolie painting a clean picture of herself in the minds of supporters said she is not a blind loyalist who sings praise even when it is wrong or right to members in the CDC party.

She said the CDC is yet to fulfill their mandates to the Liberia people and are also chasing out partisans who remind them; cited dismissed Deputy Commerce Ministry Jemima Wolokollie who was also a staunch member of the party.

“If you as a parent you born a child instead of you setting a good example for the child and you don’t, in that home you and the child will default. You will see some clashes, you will see some difference and that is definitely what has been happening.”

She said running as an independent candidate was her best option because her voice will not be heard in the CDC.

Sounding more convincing why she wants to go as an Independent Candidate, she alleged that the CDC has already picked a male candidate as their choice in the Senatorial race for Montserrado County.

“There is no secret around here, that the CDC is putting out a male candidate. Thou their primary is yet to be held, we all witness around here how madam Jemima Wolokollie was marginalized, and when she stood up to speak against it she was sacked from her job and expelled from the part.”

On the issue of seeking the interest of the people of Montserrado County, Siah also vowed not to compromise the interest of the Liberian people due to selfish gains. “I will not compromise the interest of the Liberian people for anything. Come December 8, 2020, I will be Senator for Montserrado County, I fear no foe,” she said.

Madam Tandanpolie said there is a need for more females representation at the National Legislature aimed at approving and crafting laws to curtail rape, sexual violence, against women, and support empowerment programs.

She justified that she has a better knowledge of the workings of the National Legislature because she witnessed how they work during the time her late father Moses Tandanpolie served as representative for Montserrado County.

At the first declaration, several residents of Montserrado county quizzed Siah Tandanpolie on some of her agenda ranging from protection, proper representation amongst others.

The race in Montserrado is heating up against the incumbent Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of the Liberty Party. Several persons have declared their intentions to contest in the senatorial elections, including dismissed Deputy Commerce Minister, Jemima Wolokollie, and former CDC USA chapter member Isaac Tukpah among others.