I Will Die Just To Deliver My Best, Ambassador Kemayah Sr. Assures President Weah


“I Will Die Just To Deliver My Best,Ambassador Kemayah Sr.Assures President DR.George Weah

By: Julius Konton

Liberia’s permanent Representative to the United Nations Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr. has given his hundred percent assurance to President George Weah and the people of Liberia that he will die just to perform and fully represent Liberia at the UN and in other diplomatic capacities respectively.
Die he was quick to clarify that it is not a physical death rather a full commitment to work in the supreme interest of the Government and its people as Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the UN and Cuba respectively.
Speaking to reporters Sunday September 16, 2018 after the end of a thanksgiving Service and honoring program for him by his Church the Mount Neboe Baptist Church on Cheeseman avenue in Sinkor Ambassador Kemayah pledged his undying effort and best performance in ensuring that he implements the best policies of the government at the level of the UN and other international obligations under his domain.
“I will not let you down rather i will work hard to prove to you that the confidence you repose in me was not a mistake” Ambassador Kemayah pointed out.
He told reporters that all well articulated policies of the government will be positively enforced under his leadership.
The Mount Nebo Deacon indicated that he is a team player as such collectively he will work hard with a workable team to implement the direct mandate of the President and government and not his personal ambition.
In brief remarks Dr.Weah encouraged Mr.Kemayah to do his best because only his best is expected of him at the highest level.
President Weah said he has no doubt that Ambassador Kemayah will perform owing to his past work done over the period.
He urged Liberians not to wish the government evil because if his government does not perform well everyone directly or indirectly will be affected but if they pray for the success of the pro poor government all Liberians will benefit.
He also warned Liberians to desist from negative criticism which will hinder growth and de-motivates them rather he appeal to them to work hard together with this government to help develop the Country.
The thanksgiving and honoring program was graced by government officials and members of the religious community.
The two in one ceremony also saw Ambassador Kemayah’s Wife ordained as Reverened of the Mount Nebo Baptist Church.
She was giving the mandate by other annointed servants of God to now officially preach the word of God to his people in the coming days,months and years.
Senior pastor Rev.Galison Mccalfee George of the Mount Nebo Baptist Church speaking on the Theme: This is my Story call on Liberians not to run their homes,offices and national government on “They Say”.
He wants educated people or Liberians in general to speak from an informed perspective and or background and not They-Say which he added has the propensity to take the Country backward.
Liberians lets pray for our Country and leaders to perform and move the Country forward not to tell a story about someone that you do not know nothing about,Rev.George added.
The colorful program ended with the flourishing of gifts,certificates and many others to the two honorees and family Ambassador Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr.and Rev.Kemayah for their work and contributions made thus far to the Church and the things of God.