‘I Will Discourage Any Such Future Action’: Dumoe Condemns Recent Violence


By Angeline Nuah (Intern)

Council of Patriot (COP) Acting Chairman, Menipakei Dumoe has condemned the recent violence act staged by unknown individuals, accusing the youth wing of the group.

The perpetrators who were not seen on the protest scene, set ablaze tyres on the main street of Tubman Boulevard in the Old Road Community, disrupting free movement.

Mr. Dumoe clarified that they have no knowledge about the recent violence act.

“I condemn the burning of tyres in Monrovia and I will discourage any such future actions that could disrupt the peace,” he said.

Mr. Dumoe added that the action of the youth wing is inconsistent with the non-violence postal of COP, clarifying that no member of the group was instructed to carry out such a violent protest.

He further explained that COP does not encourage violence, referencing the COP June 7 protest which he described as a peaceful and non-violence protest done under the law.

Contrary to Mr. Dumoe’s statement,

COP Chairman Henry Costa on Thursday, June 25, a few hours after the protest, took to his show to claim responsibility, threatening government of more of such protest if they increase the surcharge on voice and data bundles.

“COP takes responsibility! We staged that and it is not over yet, it is happening in other places.”

It may be recalled; the COP in early June disclosed that it was going to stage an unannounced protest if President George Weah succeeds in a surcharge to increase fees on a voice call and mobile data bundles through Orange Liberia and Lonestar MTN.

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has meanwhile announced the arrest of six people linked to the Thursday’s violence and vowed to arrest other perpetrators.