Implementation of the TRC recommendation is not timely admist inadequate security presence. Says ruling Party Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu.

The Chairman of the ruling party, the Coalition for Democratic Change: Mulbah Morlu has sharply reacted to calls from many quarters for the CDC led government to Implement the Truth and Reconciliation Report which has been on the desk of the former Administration for years.
According to him such call is not timely and un-patriotic.
He said the CDC then opposition during the Unity Party led government advocated for the implementation of the TRC recommendation but it was not taking into consideration,asking why now?
Morlu told newsman that they fought and went to jail on numerous occasions just to ensure that such national instrument was implemented especially during the huge presence of UNMIL, yet it did not materialized.
In quick clarification he added that the current government is in support of the implementation of the report but not with the very low as well as inadequate security presence.
“We still have some challenges with our limited man power, lack of capacity, training and other logistical issues in our security sector which we need to address first, indicating that such is not timely.
The ruling party Chair lashed at Bishop Kortu Brown and others who are calling for the swift implementation of the TRC recommendations.
In a harsh tune he noted that they don’t mean well for Liberia security-wise.
He fears that trying to Implement the report now especially those who are linked could cause some security problems for Liberians.
Mr. Morlu told reporters that some of those who are linked to the report do have followers and could put up resistance especially while trying to carry out an arrest in the absence of UNMIL.
“Implementation is key but not now because we don’t have the man power and political will to do so” , he added.
Morlu wonders where were Bishop Brown and many others when he and his colleagues were flogged and jailed only because they were advocating for a just cause.
Since the conclusion of the Commission’s mandate during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf there has been mixed views on its implementation by Liberians with some in favor why others are calling for the establishment of the World Crimes Court in Liberia.
Some of them believed that the World Crimes Court will serve as a warning to would be individuals who may be contemplating on committing atrocities in Liberia like was done in the past while others feel the TRC is the best way out for the Country.
The CDC chair said the Government can only implement the report only if UNMIL returns to the Country or when the government is fully ready and prepared with adequate security personnel as well as addressing all of their immediate needs and concerns.
As the debate continues some of those linked in the TRC recommendation to include former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson and many others are still moving about their normal businesses.