In Ganta; Citizens Celebrate Presence Of AFL After Massive Crackdown Against Bandits


By: Nathaniel Success Tokpah (Nimba County Correspondent)

As part of their statutory responsibilities which has to do with protecting the limit of Liberia, personnel of the Arm Forces Of Liberia (AFL) were recently deployed to take patrol around various towns that border Liberia with Guinea, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

Citizens of the trade City of Ganta, Nimba County, have been given some breathing space from continues harassment in recent times in the last 48 hour, thanks to the presence of the AFL in the area they said.

Sunday night, January 4,2021, over 20 alleged criminals were being nabbed in a massive crackdown by the military personnel.

This has brought some level of huge relief to business people, commuters and residents of the city and its environs.

In can be recalled that Ganta as a city has experienced an usual increase in crime rate especially arm robbery, burglary, amongst other things since the upliftment if the state of emergency since last July due the Covid-19 health emergency.

Ganta is a bustline little town, therefore, most of its residents start to get home between 6:3o pm up to 10:30 pm. But, due to the continues attacks from criminals, people have been living in serious fright and intimidations.

People don’t walk with their smartphones at some parts of the main corridor of the street at night for fear of being attacked and harassed.

But recently during the night hours, citizens of the city mostly commuters and street vendors were seen jubilating as a huge number of bandits were being apprehended by members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

” You can’t even hold your own phone in your hands to pass on Ganta street again, because they [Zogoes] will attack you and take it from you. But, thank God for the AFL that we’ll be able to hold our own phones now and walk through the streets of Ganta.” A lady who was full of excitement explained.

” Those men can’t give us chance to sell in the night, because they’ll be hacking your goods from you. I’m very happy that at least we’ll be selling freely in the night now. I really want to appreciate the AFL. A street vendor expressed.

The presence of the AFL has not only brought calm in the rise of harassment but has also brought cleanliness to the city, because they have also demanded people who just waste dirt in the street to sweep the entire surrounding where that dirt is wasted.

” I wish the soldier could just spent two months in Ganta, we’ll not see dirt again. Because we can’t see people taking garbage from their various homes to come and just dashed them on the street, a woman only identified as Ma. Kemah told KMTV News.