In Maryland, Man Found Dead in Home


By Mark G. Gray (Regional Correspondent)

The lifeless body of a man believed to be in his 50s was on Monday, July 27, discovered in the bathroom of his house in Harper, Maryland County.

According to reports, the deceased, John Yao Seshi, held a conversation with three of his friends (Anonymous) on Sunday, July 26, alleging that he is being hunted, but did not mention the name of the individual(s).

During the evening hours of Monday, July 27, according to reliable information gathered, Mr. Seshi’s daughter, Musu Wilson, ushered a neighbor who asked to use the bathroom. The neighbor later noticed that the bathroom door was locked.

The deceased’s daughter, Musu, forcefully opened the bathroom due to a lack of response after knocking on the door several times. After forcibly making her way through, she later discovered her father in a pool of blood in the bathtub with bloodstains on a knife beside him and two separate cuts on his body (neck and stomach).

The Liberia National Police Crime Investigation Division of the county is said to have launched an investigation to establish what led to the death of Mr. Seshi. The deceased’s daughter, wife, the three friends including others have been invited by the LNP for investigation.