In Nimba County, 75 Cases On The Dockets As Rape Tops The List


Nimba County-

Seventy-five cases are said to be on the 8th judicial Circuit court dockets with rape at the top of the list.

The revelation was made today during the opening of the August term of court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Public Defender of Nimba County, Cllr. Robertson P. Mehn disclosed that during the last term of court, the docket was reduce from 73 cases to 64 cases but of recent additional 11 cases were added.

Public defender noted that out of the 75 cases on the court docket, 35 of those cases are rapes while the rest are murder and others cases.

He said during the last term of court, there were 73 cases that were on docket and they were able to reduce it to 64 while rape cases were also reduce to 28 but now additional 7 rape cases was added of recent during the time the court was not in session bringing the total of 35 rape cases now on the court docket.

The Nimba County public defender then called on Nimbaians to combat said practices by been involved with Anti-rape activities.

He said the victims ages ranks from 11 to 17 years respectively.

Also speaking the County Attorney Hettor Quoidoah pledged government’s support and commitment that those allege rapists will face the full weight of the law.

For his part the assigned circuit judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court, Judge James N. Gilayeneh who spoke on the topic ; The New Bail Bond Law,

Said a sovereign nation has attributes that allow it to be considered as a sovereign stage amongst comity of nations.

He lamented that new bail bond law of the country has been inadvertently placed in a foreign currency with a proviso that the foreign currency if assessed can be paid in the country own currency at the prevailing market rate.

He explained that to procure a bail bond in the country, you either use a property valuation bond, insurance bond or cash bond.

The assigned judge noted that the amount to be paid will depend on the crime committed and the highest prison term for said crime.

Meanwhile, Judge James Gilayeneh has find several magistrates with three-Thousand Liberian dollars $LD 3000.00 and the president for the county bar association with $50.00 USD for failure to attend the opening of the court.